La Diable Vert

Aux Fous Brassant microbrewery

La Diable Vert - Aux Fous Brassant microbrewery
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In our Diable Vert cheese fondue, delicately bitter beer meets rich and creamy Quebec cheese, and the result is a match made in heaven.

Diable Vert beer, made by the Aux Fous Brassant microbrewery in Rivière-du-Loup, is a piney IPA that blends beautifully with cheeses from Fromagerie de l’Isle and Fromagerie Perron for a fondue that’s sure to please one and all.

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Ever tried adding other ingredients to jazz up your favourite fondues? All you’ve got to do is choose your add ins, toss them in the pot and stir. The result: creamy, cheesy fondue that’s bubbling over with your favourite flavours!
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