Fondue Reinvented: Top 10 “Out of the Ordinary” Occasions!

The 30th March 2022

Any time is a good time for our 1001 Fondues! Their decadent deliciousness makes them a treat of any moment in any given day. So why not break your routine and do something different and surprising? Saturday night is perfect for a cheese fondue, but so are all the other days of the week! Let’s see why and how.

Our ready-to-cook fondues are quite easy to prepare – simply heat and enjoy! They contain no food additives. The flavours and freshness are always consistent.

Simplicity, speed and authenticity: The Holy Trinity!

Here are our Top 10 “out of the ordinary” fondue occasions:

1. A weekend brunch This moment offers a myriad of fondue possibilities, for example in your omelet, as a coulis on your eggs Benedict or scrambled, or on your French toasts. Just say cheese please!

2. Easy weeknight leftover – Make a hearty meal from what’s left in your fridge. Make sure to add to it the fondue of your choice, and voilà! 

3. Happy hour – End the week on a high note. Carefully select the fondues of your choice and arrange them in a pleasing pattern on a platter* with cold cuts, bread, olives, or any other side dish you like. Be sure to pour yourself a generous cocktail such as a glass of wine, cider, cold beer or even gin. Don’t hesitate to find the perfect pairing and accompany our fondues with local products; it’ll make perfect sense in the mouth! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Beer from microbreweries such as Le Naufrageur, Aux Fous Brassant, Dépareillées, and Le Ketch
  • Organic wine from Quebec such as Vignoble Saint-Gabriel, Vignoble Saint-Jacques
  • Cider from Quebec such as Michel Jodoin
  • Gin such as Distillerie Mariana’s Violette or Canopée

*For fondue dipper suggestions, click here.

4. Lunch at work or at home – Our snack-sized fondues are ideal for lunchtime. Fill your plate or box with raw vegetables, cold cuts, fruits, or crackers. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not make a salad? Then all you’ll have to do is heat up the fondue and pour over.

5. A birthday party No matter whose moment it is–perhaps a friend’s or relative’s–you’re loved one will appreciate a birthday meal filled with delicious fondues. If you fancy a buffet-style special that includes a selection of fondues and a signature dip, then give it a go!

6. An intimate dinner with your sweetheart when the children are finally tucked up in bed – Enjoy a romantic fondue evening and a golden moment of calm and ecstasy.

7. A camping outing under the stars – Fondues are very easy to prepare, and as such, they make the perfect dish taken in nature. No need to go far from home—your backyard is wilderness enough!

8. A hockey game or an overtime period – What could be better than a quick fondue snack to make overtime even more exciting? Some even dare to dunk their tortillas.

9. A night of marathon TV-watching – Our 1001 Fondues, with their endless combinations of flavours, are perfect to munch on while binge-watching your favorite show!

10. Any moment when you can’t help but follow your heart – Dare to enjoy a fondue on a Monday morning with your eggs, or when having a living room picnic with the kids. For many, it’s an opportunity to mix up their dinner routine. 

Any time is a good time for fondue! Just dare that little bit more!

Bon appétit!