Taste Tags: Just How Well do You Know Your Flavours?

The 8th February 2022

Have you heard of the cheese flavour wheel? Did you know that we’ve added icons of taste tags that serve as your cheese fondue guide?

The cheese flavour wheel provides 71 taste profile descriptions. Aromas and smell: What’s the actual difference? Aromas result from volatile molecules that reach us through the mouth to the nose (olfactory) located in the upper nasal cavity. Smells also come from volatile molecules, but they reach us directly through the nose with the sense of smell. When it comes to cheese fondue, not only are the smells powerful, but so are the aromas—undoubtedly one of the reasons why they are so irresistible.

Similarly, we’ve made things simple by introducing a new system of taste tags that will help you better identify and explore your preferences. Fondue expertise knows no limit!

One all-important aspect when deciding on a fondue is—you have guessed it right—the dippers. Sometimes the accompaniments you choose bring about a perfectly harmonious pairing, and other times they create an entirely surprising contrast with the fondue. That said, it is our belief that you should have the final say.

Our fondues are grouped into six (6) taste tag categories (refer to our website), each of which is associated with a flavour profile and highly specific attributes.

The six (6) taste tags:

1. Delicate and authentic

The fondues designated by this tag are typically loved by all. They are the staple, go-to fondues that blend well with multiple aromas. Synonymous with simplicity, this classic remains a sure value.

The fondues:Chic! au cidre (crafted with cider)
La Léonne
Perfect pairing:French baguette, eggs, and vegetables such as roasted beets
Contrasting notes:spicy sausages, BBQ shrimps, tomatoes and olives

2. Grilled and hearty

This taste tag was created to identify a style that has a more pronounced flavour when compared to the “Delicate and authentic” category. These fondues, round and long on the palate, lean towards a strong taste without being too spicy.

The fondues:British
Tite Frette
Chic ! Fondue bière
• Au village – Le Prospecteur
Perfect pairing:nut bread, Brussels sprouts, dry sausage and mushrooms
Contrasting notes:pears, apples and grapes

3. Rich and herbal

If you like strong slightly acidic taste with a decent measure of bitterness, this one is for you. The vegetal fondues associated with this tag are creamy beyond your wildest dreams. Just perfect for those who might be seeking a contrasting experience.

The fondues:Fondue au Village
• La Diable Vert
Thé du Labrador
Perfect pairing:French baguette, nachos, green vegetables, ham and small tomatoes
Contrasting notes:green apple, oriental pear or cherry tomatoes

4. Floral and fragrant

Floral flavours are the theme here. The delectable fondues in this tag category will delight you and leave delicate blossom notes as well as distinct aromas in the mouth.

The fondues:La Dépareillée
Chic! au gin Violette (crafted with gin)
Perfect pairing:baby potatoes, cranberry bread and cauliflower
Contrasting notes:fish, smoked meats and spinach

5. Smoky and soft

Who wouldn’t like to share a dreamy, oozing fondue? Its smoked and woody flavour is well-balanced and pleasing to the palate. As you indulge with it, you’ll want to pair with any of your favourite dippers!

The fondue:Chic! Fumée (smoky)
La Guerrier
Perfect pairing:smoked ham, bacon, nut bread and baby potatoes
Contrasting notes:apple, pear and grape

6. Fruity and aromatic

Lactic-flavoured fondues enhance aromatic intensity in the mouth, convey freshness, and evoke a fruity touch. Undoubtedly, you’ll be digging into this decadent fondue pot again and again!

The fondues:Chic! au vin (crafted with wine)
La Triplette de Tadoussac
La Brume du Littoral
3 Fromages de l’Isle
Perfect pairing:apples, pears, fresh or dried figs and dates
Contrasting notes:eggs, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and shrimps

Find out more about our taste tags and embrace your favourite aromas! Try it for yourself—your buds will thank you for it!

If you wish to take your fondue experience up a notch and experiment with different flavours, or simply find the perfect dipper, start by reading our feature article “Our Top 5 Cheese Fondue Dippers“.  

Aren’t those yummy fondues making you hungry?

Bon appétit!

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