Original BBQ Recipes

Published on April 25th, 2024

Awaken Your Taste Buds This Spring!

With the arrival of spring, the long-awaited barbecue season is back! It’s the perfect time to think outside (no box required!), dare to be original and discover new grilled flavours. At 1001 Fondues, we celebrate not only conviviality, but also simplicity, ease, speed, novelty, originality, authenticity, and above all, the art of being different! Why settle for the ordinary when you can spice things up and give your BBQs an original, even unprecedented, touch?

Setting the Vibe

Before you set the coals to blazing and liven up your grill with original BBQ recipes, it’s crucial to set the vibe carefully beforehand. Create a warm atmosphere, borrowed from the convivial spirit of a Christmas in Luly (a tradition for camping lovers who celebrate Christmas on July 25), with subdued multicoloured lights in the trees. Arrange comfortable cushions around the table to show your hospitality. For background music, opt for an eclectic playlist suited to the occasion, to gently accompany your festivities. Remember that no matter the vibe you’re aiming for with your BBQ,1001 Fondues and its music-loving disc jockey, Eclectico Meister, have the perfect playlist to enhance it!

A Quebec Aperitif to Experience the Local Buzz

Kick off your barbecue session by celebrating “drinking local” with Quebec alcoholic delights! Why not start with a locally crafted wild flowers gin showcasing the best of Quebec’s botanicals and terroir? (one of our favourites is Violette gin from Distillerie Mariana). Pair this choice with a sparkling cider from Cidrerie Michel Jodoin! Alternatively, immerse yourself in the richness of the terroir with a glass of wine from a vineyard on the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, or a pint of beer from your nearest microbrewery! The idea is simple: awaken your taste buds to local originality! Also make sure your glass is always half-full, and that your laughter is always contagious!

Harmonize Simplicity and Originality With Elegance

Skip the fancy sauces and go for a delicious cheese fondue! At 1001 Fondues, we highlight local artisan cheeses, thus supporting the “eat local” movement, a value that defines our passion for authentic taste experiences. On the grill, discover the art of elevating simple but innovative recipes, providing a refined flavour with every bite!

Cheers to local cheese!

Let’s create an original and tasty atmosphere around the barbecue, while putting Quebec on your plate! Here are a few easy BBQ recipes that will delight your senses and impress your guests:

Grilled Asparagus and Fondue

Who craves a delicious, healthy and balanced treat? Here’s the perfect vegetarian dish for cooking asparagus and exploring the excellence of Quebec cheeses. You’re invited on a mouth-watering journey to the far reaches of Quebec’s attic and its beautiful regions!

Maple Baked Potatoes and Fondue

Pay homage to the potato, a mainstay of traditional Quebec cuisine, with the various flavours of this ingenious creation! Have you ever thought of elevating potatoes with a succulent cheese fondue? Treat yourself to an experience with a delicate touch of maple! A daring and deliciously comforting combination, don’t you think?

Portobellos Stuffed With Fondue

According to some “enthusiasts” at 1001 Fondues, these perfectly grilled and fondue-stuffed portobellos stand as the undisputed kings of the barbecue! Discover an exquisite recipe, perfect as an appetizer or side dish, where portobellos join forces with fondue Chic! au gin for a refined and straightforward taste experience! A chef-worthy feast ready in less than 20 minutes!

Melty Gooey Burger À la Fondue

burger à la fondue au fromage

With summer just around the corner and the barbecue season in full swing, our recipe could not be more decadent, and it’s aimed at true fans of super-runny burgers! The generosity of its toppings will charm even the most discerning palates! Chic! fondue adds a touch of easy happiness to this classic, while a vegetarian version with eggplant or beet offers a 1001% original option. For the more daring, pour the fondue inside the buns and add a fondue-stuffed portobello mushroom for the ultimate decadence!

This season, our quest for conviviality, culinary originality, and easy happiness translates into simple and unique BBQ recipes. Combining the warmth of grilling with unprecedented flavours, our suggestions for cheese fondue and grilled dishes reveal a distinctive approach. Let’s celebrate our BBQ feasts with local beverages and cheesy delights, uniting our palates with Quebec’s terroir. Cheers to authenticity! May summer be a gourmet celebration where each bite evokes the art of being different and eating local!