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Company History

While it is true that 1001 Fondues was very much in its early stages in 1984, its founder, Jean-Yves Lapointe, was already thinking ahead. Back in the day, when people spoke of cheese fondue, they automatically evoked the Swiss mountain dish, once prepared in the depths of winter, and only then. As it turns out, that’s all it took for the idea to take root, and for Mr. Lapointe, along with his daughter Caroline, to embark on the great adventure of Quebec cheese fondue.

However, it soon became apparent that this endeavour would bring to the forefront the necessity to rethink the art and pleasure of cheese fondue from a whole new, resolutely local angle. Ultimately, this meant enjoying fondue all year round and across seasons. Spring, summer, fall and winter: no matter the time of year, Quebec cheese fondue will now satisfy both the curious and the most discerning gourmets!

In this great adventure, audacity and innovation were the two essential ingredients. Nearly 40 years later, the Quebec City-based family business is still following the same path. In addition to offering Quebec and Canadian fondue lovers a world of conviviality, simplicity, instant comfort and happiness around the pot, 1001 Fondues continues to grow and offer new, lactose and gluten-free fondues, featuring unique blends of ingredients, including artisan cheeses, beer from local microbreweries, cider, mead, gin and even Quebec whisky.

Still driven by the same passion, 1001 Fondues is today a unique pioneer that remains at the forefront of the cheese fondue industry, both locally and internationally. The company makes it a point of honour to promote local cheeses (and alcohols) and to seduce the hearts and taste buds of those who dare to make the discovery!

Our team

At 1001 Fondues, we work as a close-knit family team to offer consumers unique cheese fondues made with Quebec craft cheeses. We take care of each other and know that our success depends on everyone’s contribution. At 1001 Fondues, cheese fondue is above all a matter of audacity, creativity, rigour and will. From the factory to the dinner table, 1001 Fondues products remain a guarantee of quality and are synonymous with joy, originality and human warmth. It is precisely this approach that best characterizes the commitment of Jean-Yves, Caroline, Maxime and the entire 1001 Fondues team.

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