Chic! au CIDRE Cheese Fondue (Made With Cider From Cidrerie Michel Jodoin)

The 15th December 2022

A Touch of Alchemy and a Good Deal of Innovation

It’s clear that 1001 Fondues refuses to rest on its laurels! Always faithful to its mission, the Quebec-based company does it again and is back with a Chic! Au CIDRE cheese fondue made with rosé cider from the Michel Jodoin cider house, again siding with creativity and innovation. 

The Chic! Au cidre Fondue is the result of a natural partnership between 1001 Fondues and the Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, two daring family businesses that never stop pushing the limits in their respective fields of activity. 1001 Fondues is a leader in the development and production of Quebec cheese fondues. Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, for its part, has been transforming apples into cider since 1901, and offers an impressive variety of ciders and spirits to enjoy in good company!

The history of one is not unlike that of the other. Since their inception, Cidrerie Michel Jodoin and 1001 Fondues have both been driven by an approach that is imbued with craftsmanship, modernity, respect for the product, commercial challenges and generational memory and legacy.

Michel Jodoin represents the fourth generation of apple growers of this family established in Rougemont, in the Montérégie region. The mission of the cider house is the same as it was on the first day: to offer original, innovative and superior quality products, as well as personalized customer service that honors the family values and traditions of the company.

Focusing on the quality and originality of its products, the cider house prides itself on being the pioneer of traditional method ciders in Quebec and the most important North American producer of the Geneva red-fleshed apple, in addition to having been the first microdistillery in Canada in 1999! Cidrerie Michel Jodoin has been awarded several times and is renowned for the excellence of its products and the warmth of its welcome. The company, today, is a Canadian food industry flagship and a must on the Quebec cider circuit.

One-of-a-Kind Cheese Fondue!

With its sweet and authentic flavours, Chic! au cidre Fondue is a unique cheese fondue in every respect. (Actually, you won’t find a fondue like this anywhere else in the world.) This lactose-free and gluten-free treat is sure to please young and old alike. As always with 1001 Fondues, the possibilities of accompaniments are endless. Baguette with nuts, cauliflower and broccoli are all good ideas. Flexible as can be, this delectable Quebec cheese fondue lends itself to a host of easy recipe ideas straight out of the vegetable garden… and the orchard! Preparing a vegetarian meal is a great excuse to try new vegetables or meat substitutes. However, if you’re so inclined, our suggestion of the day is a decadent cider fondue coulis on a generous nest of fresh fruit (especially apples and pears)! Our favourite: strawberries… an amazing surprise! Let’s also note two great ideas for a recipe to accompany the Chic! au cidre Fondue: Pancakes stuffed with apples and caramelized apricots or Sweet and Salty Fondue (Maple Baked Apples).  

In conclusion, 1001 Fondues is immensely proud to be associated with Michel Jodoin, a domestic pioneer of alcoholic products (which are so popular today), to promote local cheese fondue, and to share a local delicacy concocted with a Quebec cider without equal. One name to remember: Chic! au cidre Fondue.