Fondue du GUERRIER

FONDUE DU GUERRIER: Flavours of the Aboriginal Land

The 15th September 2022

Celebrating Age-Old Traditions…

The popularity of cheese fondue cannot be denied. This fervour seems to fuel a renewed awareness of recipes and easy-to-prepare dishes that use locally made cheeses, the flavours of the “terroir” and the diversity of Quebec as raw materials. The promotion of First Nations-inspired cuisine, along with the aboriginal land, perfectly reflects this trend. More than ever, the plurality, culture and ways of living of the First Nations are shared around the table… and around the fondue pot! At least, this seems to be the case with the growing popularity of La FONDUE DU GUERRIER, a product signed 1001 Fondues resulting from a collaborative project with our friends and partners, Daniel Picard and Patrice Dion, the creators of the flourishing business Les Épices du Guerrier.

Jean-Yves Lapointe from 1001 Fondues accompanied by Patrice Dion from Épices du Guerrier who proudly present the Fondue du Guerrier.

Richness of Aboriginal culture in Quebec

For more than 30 years, these two men have been travelling across and exploring Quebec’s wide-open spaces in search of the flavours of the First Nations’ land. This journey still aims to promote the plants, herbs and spices that make up the culinary richness of Aboriginal culture in Quebec and that have been used for thousands of years by the First Nations. In a nutshell, Les Épices du Guerrier proposes — in our daily plates — boreal spice blends and the love of ancestral traditions. In addition, the contemporary recipes and the wide variety of products offered by the company all feature age-old plants and herbs that were once used primarily for medicinal purposes. Accordingly, it is from ancestral knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation, that these spice blends – all bursting with flavour – were created.

One Fondue at the Crossroads of Two Crafts

This really begs the question, who could possibly think of concocting a local cheese fondue that incorporates native spices? Just thinking about it raises the certainty that a “purist” approach cannot be at the origin of such a blend. We can safely bet that a recipe of this nature has never seen the light of day in Switzerland, the birthplace of cheese fondue. Such an initiative requires thinking outside the box, beyond the traditional notions of cheese fondue. It also requires daring and a willingness to take risks. This is the kind of attitude that makes Les Épices du Guerrier and 1001 Fondues stand out! The two companies have therefore joined forces to offer an all-Quebec sweet and savoury cheese fondue: La Fondue du Guerrier. From the very beginning, we considered the idea of combining local cheeses with aboriginal spices to be perfectly in line with the mission of 1001 Fondues, which is to “share and promote the art and pleasures of fondue.” The chemistry between Jean-Yves (1001 Fondues) and Daniel (Les Épices du Guerrier) has been fantastic since their first meeting in Champlain, in 2018, during a “foodie” event — so much so that the two companies continue to be the perfect “booth neighbours” at a host of gourmet happenings around the province. This proximity soon blossomed into a full-blown R&D collaboration; the first fondue tasting sessions soon ensued. Actually, the initial tests for the Fondue du Guerrier were conducted “in the moment” in the heat of fairs and festivals! The whole process was an absolute joy to experience!

A Boreal Fondue With a Slight Sweet and Maple Taste

Carefully created by 1001 Fondues, La Fondue du Guerrier is made of tasty Quebec cheeses seasoned with Les Épices du Guerrier spices. Bold and unique, this blend will leave you breathless! This original mixture of 1001% local flavours evokes vast spaces and reveals slightly sweet maple notes in the mouth. Dip vegetables, cold cuts, meat or fish in it! Set your taste buds free and give a boreal taste to all your fantasies!

*La Fondue du Guerrier can be purchased on the 1001 Fondues online store. In addition, it is currently on sale at our booths at the Grand Marché de Québec and at the Marché Public de Sainte-Foy. You can also find it in specialty shops and microbrewery beer stores. Contact us to find the sales outlet nearest to you.

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