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Fondues ABBAYE :  Built on Heritage Craftsmanship

The 02/06/2022
Founded in 1943, the Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac cheese factory has been producing, for generations, a range of cheese made in a harbour of peace located on the shores of the majestic Lake Memphremagog in Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. At the beginning, the monks of the Abbey made only ERMITE blue cheese (It is said that the first cheese maker of the Abbey learned how to make blue cheese from a Dane.) Other products were incrementally added to make up the current range of twelve cheeses. In addition to these products, let us note our Fondues de l'ABBAYE.

Fondue Reinvented: Top 10 "Out of the Ordinary" Occasions!

The 30/03/2022
Any time is a good time for our 1001 Fondues! Their decadent deliciousness makes them a treat of any moment in any given day. So why not break your routine and do something different and surprising? Saturday night is perfect for a cheese fondue, but so are all the other days of the week! Let’s see why and how.

Taste Tags: Just How Well do You Know Your Flavours?

The 08/02/2022
Have you heard of the cheese flavour wheel? Did you know that we’ve added icons of taste tags that serve as your cheese fondue guide?

Top 5 Keto Fondues!

The 07/02/2022
Did you know that all our fondues can be part of a Keto lifestyle, thanks to their low glycemic index?

A Brief History of The Hot Fondue™ Bread

The 02/12/2021
Have you heard of our Hot Fondue bread and what makes it an unfailing success? Did you know that we created it more than 11 years ago and that we serve it at a wide range of events in Quebec? Here’s the story of the much-praised Hot Fondue bread.