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Chic! au CIDRE Cheese Fondue (Made With Cider From Cidrerie Michel Jodoin)

The 15/12/2022
A Touch of Alchemy and a Good Deal of Innovation It&#8217;s clear that 1001 Fondues refuses to rest on its laurels! Always faithful to its mission, the Quebec-based company does it again and is back with a Chic! Au CIDRE cheese fondue made with rosé cider from the Michel Jodoin cider house, again siding with &hellip; <a href="https://1001fondues.com/en/table-arts/chic-au-cidre-cheese-fondue-made-with-cider-from-cidrerie-michel-jodoin/">Continued</a>

HISTORY of 1001 Fondues

The 27/10/2022
Since its beginnings, the family business from Quebec City has devoted significant attention to thinking outside the box in order to create the best cheese fondue that’s made in Quebec. This is the HISTORY of 1001 Fondues.
Fondue du GUERRIER

FONDUE DU GUERRIER: Flavours of the Aboriginal Land

The 15/09/2022
More than ever, the plurality, culture and ways of living of the First Nations are shared around the table… and around the fondue pot! At least, this seems to be the case with the growing popularity of La Fondue du GUERRIER, a product signed 1001 Fondues resulting from a collaborative project with our friends and partners, Daniel Picard and Patrice Dion, the creators of the flourishing business Les Épices du Guerrier.

Cheese FONDUES and Wind on the Sails

The 14/07/2022
Continually evolving since its inception, Le Naufrageur microbrewery is also a food service and catering operation featuring Gaspesian flavoured dishes. As it turns out, 1001 Fondues has roots in the area. Jean-Yves Lapointe, otherwise known as Mr. 1001 Fondues, is a proud Gaspesian, native of Maria, the neighbouring municipality of Carleton-sur-Mer.
Fondues Abbaye

Fondues ABBAYE :  Built on Heritage Craftsmanship

The 02/06/2022
Founded in 1943, the Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac cheese factory has been producing, for generations, a range of cheese made in a harbour of peace located on the shores of the majestic Lake Memphremagog in Saint-Benoît-du-Lac.