Fondues Abbaye

Fondues ABBAYE :  Built on Heritage Craftsmanship

The 2nd June 2022

Founded in 1943, the Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac cheese factory has been producing, for generations, a range of cheese made in a harbour of peace located on the shores of the majestic Lake Memphremagog in Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. At the beginning, the monks of the Abbey made only ERMITE blue cheese (It is said that the first cheese maker of the Abbey learned how to make blue cheese from a Dane.) Other products were incrementally added to make up the current range of twelve cheeses. In addition to these products, let us note our Fondues de l’ABBAYE.

A Wealth of Gourmet Delights in the Eastern Townships

The community of the Abbey counts today some thirty monks who, withdrawn from the world, lead a peaceful lifestyle, divide their time between prayer and work, and ensure their subsistence thanks to a cheese factory, two orchards, a cider factory and a gift shop.

The heritage of the Benedictine monks is still present; the cheeses are still made according to a craftsman-inspired method. The cheese factory has modernized itself over time due to the growing popularity of its products, especially Quebec’s fine cheeses.

Since the year 2000, several steps of the manufacturing process have been automated. Stirring and temperatures are controlled by a precise monitoring system to ensure consistent cheese quality. These adjustments have not affected the taste of the other cheeses, since ripening (age) is what actually influences the taste.

The Abbey is committed to perpetuating traditional craftsmanship with the help of modern technology. The cheese factory is supplied with 100% whole milk (subsequently pasteurized for cheese production) from local dairy farms. 

1001 Fondues and Abbaye Saint-Benoît-du-Lac join forces to bring you, and the people you care about, a little closer…

As a small family business from Quebec City, we recognize that the work of the monks of the Abbey is of great heritage value. As such, we are immensely pleased to have created two original fondues in partnership with the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac cheese factory, namely the Fondue de l’Abbaye traditionnelle (traditional) and the Fondue de l’Abbaye fumé (smoked). These delights are sure to please young and old alike! The table is set for a successful gourmet moment. Do like many enthusiasts have been doing: get together around a fondue pot with the Fondues de L’Abbaye!   

Fondue de l’Abbaye traditionnelle – traditional

This delicious fondue recipe comes together with four cheeses: Mont Saint- Benoît, Fontina Saint-Benoît-du- Lac, Le Moine and St-Augustin. With its hazelnut flavour and light aroma, this little delicacy is available in individual (125 gr) or large (350 gr) sizes. The choice is yours: enjoy your fondue in snack format with your favourite dippers, or share it as a main meal!

Fondue de l’Abbaye fumé – smoked

This exquisite fondue is crafted with three cheeses: Fontina, Fontina fumé (smoked) and Le Moine. It’ll surprise you with its smoky taste and hints of hazelnuts. This treat is also remarkable for the character it gives to your accompaniments. Our recommendation: green apple wedges dipped in a mouth-watering cheese fondue coulis.  

What could be more natural than to create a fondue with cheeses from such a long tradition of sharing?  1001 Fondues and Les Fondues de L’Abbaye have a solid craftsmanship reputation. Gathering around a fondue pot is always a great way to spend time with people you love and please your taste buds!

* The Fondues de l’Abbaye are available at the online store and at the gift shop of the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey.

* All the cheeses used to make the fondues are lactose-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

* Enjoy these fondues in individual format (125 gr) or in large format (350 gr)!

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