A Brief History of The Hot Fondue™ Bread

The 2nd December 2021

Have you heard of our Hot Fondue bread and what makes it an unfailing success? Did you know that we created it more than 11 years ago and that we serve it at a wide range of events in Quebec? Here’s the story of the much-praised Hot Fondue bread.

Our story

As you may know, we’ve been involved in the cheese fondue business for over 37 years. The story actually begins in 1984 when we acquired the Chalet Suisse restaurant, which was subsequently renamed Au Café Suisse in 1991. In 2003, we became the owners of a new restaurant called La Grolla. It was around that time that we started devoting ourselves to a broad innovative project that was close to our hearts: concocting top quality fondues with Quebec cheeses. Within this context, 1001 Fondues was born in 2009. This period marked the beginning of a great adventure that led us to create, manufacture and promote cheese fondues made with local products.

The genesis of our much talked about Hot Fondue™ bread

In 2011, we came up with the idea of offering an entirely new product featuring our delicious cheese fondue. The objective set was to introduce something new, namely an all-in-one fondue bread that could be enjoyed with one hand. In fact, the stated goal was to free up a hand so that you could hold a glass of wine, a beer, or the hand of your lover or child. Why not, right?

With this in mind, we worked with the fantastic team at CRIQ to optimize our prototypes and ultimately obtain a Hot Fondue machine adapted to event requirements. At the end of 2012, after multiple creations and recipe tastings, and the implementation of several processes, we finally launched the Hot Fondue bread. Just picture a delectable local cheese fondue coulis in a French baguette. Yum! It was on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, during a memorably cold winter, that the public and fans were able to taste for the first time—and with great delight—the newly-created wonder that is the Hot Fondue™ bread.

Ever since the product took its first tentative steps, we’ve created a wide array of flavours and variations of Hot Fondue bread, each of which offers fresh taste in both summer and winter alike, especially with sausage (whose recipe is made especially for us), bacon, peppers, celery, and deli skewers. Voilà! The joy of sharing and offering you our unique cheese fondues remains intact. It is with renewed pride and energy that we welcome at our stand the long lines of joyful fondue lovers… all of whom came to taste the incredible Hot Fondue bread.

Joy in every bite!

The best way to learn more about our praised Hot Fondue bread is, of course, to give it a try.

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