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Du Guerrier - Épices du Guerrier
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La Fondue du Guerrier cheese fondue is made with a blend of local cheeses and seasoned with spices native to Quebec. The traditional Épices du Guerrier spice blend adds an explosive burst of amazing flavour—cheese, maple and dune pepper, yum! 

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Scrambled eggs with Triplette de Tadoussac fondue
Scrambled eggs are a must-have for breakfasts and brunches. Cheesy scrambled eggs? Even better. Now, imagine them with cheese fondue—yum!
10 min
5 min
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Poutine Léonne
Poutine is one of our all-time favourite foods, so we thought we’d reinvent it with a delicious dollop of cheese fondue. Our Léonne cheese fondue makes all the difference in this gourmet twist on a quintessentially Quebec classic!
20 min
10 min
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